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INPTRA Membership

Support our goals by becoming an Organizational Member, Individual Member, Partner or Affiliate of INPTRA! 

Read feedback from our 2020 Membership Survey to hear about the benefits of membership directly from members.

INPTRA’s purpose is to provide a forum for existing and emerging physiotherapy regulatory authorities, and other related organizations, to participate in exploring and furthering understanding of regulatory systems, issues and opportunities around the world, INPTRA facilitates international cooperation and collaboration on issues of mutual interest.

  • Organizational Members are national and jurisdiction physiotherapy regulatory authorities and associations of physiotherapy regulatory authorities.
  • Individual Members have an interest in physiotherapy regulation from an international perspective.
  • Partners are organizations that are national, multinational, and/or international in scope and have a nexus to INPTRA as indicated by their interest in physiotherapy regulation, including credentialing, evaluation and assessment, education, or other matters related to the quality and integrity of the practice of physiotherapy. These organizations can reasonably be expected to add a unique perspective or bring expertise to the deliberations of the organization and are not otherwise eligible for membership.
  • Affiliates are international organizations of other health care regulatory associations.

Annual Dues are based on each country's current Gross National Income (GNI) per capita. As a Member, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your or your organization was instrumental in furthering INPTRA’s purpose.

INPTRA works with physiotherapy regulators to

  • Share approaches, information, practices, and best practices
  • Learn from other regulatory approaches
  • See different futures
  • Culturally expand as we understand the similarities, differences, and underlying assumptions that impact our world
  • Provide individuals with the opportunity for involvement in an international physiotherapy regulation organization through committee work
  • Explore relevant topics, including
      • centralized or decentralized regulation
      • entry-level examinations
      • scope of practice
      • diversity in the scope of practice
      • supply and demand forecasting
      • mobility and the need for a unified professional educational model
      • accreditation and the need for assessment of professional education standards
      • credentialing assessment of education standards
      • disciplinary processes
      • professional databases (licensure, exam, discipline, practice settings), and
      • continuing professional development models

Why I Joined

"Having just returned from my annual medical mission trip to Honduras, I am once again reminded of the importance of physical therapy practice regulation and continuing competence in developing nations. Much of Central America and Africa as well as some smaller Asian countries not only lack physical resources, but also continuity in standards of professional practice and training.

"INPTRA provides an opportunity to merge practice between developed and underdeveloped as well as emerging nations. In addition to networking and collaborating with regulators from other member countries, I joined INPTRA as a small way to forward progress in this area.

"I am encouraged by the increasing number of physical therapists involved in assisting these underdeveloped countries, desperately in need of our skills. As this occurs, however, it is vitally important to also guide the profession in terms of expected standards of practice and access to continuing competence models and resources for resident physical therapists practicing in these nations. As the saying goes, 'Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for today; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.'”
- Kathryn Dale

"Having just renewed my individual INPTRA membership for the second year, and as a Physical Therapist in private practice currently serving as the Kentucky Board Chair, I wanted to share some brief thoughts. INPTRA has truly broadened my horizons and shifted my paradigm in both regulatory standards and best clinical practices. Just as regulatory boards governing the practice of Physical Therapy share their models across the United States, so do countries share across the globe via INPTRA. From those countries with sophisticated regulatory practices to those who are just emerging, the international collaboration, shared learning, research, mentorship, and successes and failures of regulatory initiatives continually adds to our portfolio of public protection and best practices. The insight gained from exposure to INPTRA has given me a renewed appreciation for where we are in the regulatory evolution, but has also challenged me to implement other best practices for enhancement of public clinical practices throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky, especially in identifying risks and being proactive to prevent licensees from falling short of their important standards. 'Always embrace the common humanity that lies at the heart of us all.' Dalai Lama."
- Tom Pennington

INPTRA Membership

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